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Women’s Fund for Scotland

Women’s Fund for Scotland

Dundee has one of the highest proportions of homeless people in Scotland. Women there without homes, or experiencing financial difficulties, are seriously impacted by a lack of sanitary products. They report toiling with a need for large amounts of products after childbirth; struggling with a constant daily need during menopause; missing school, college or work

In September 2017. Positive Step’s received a grant of £2000 from the Women’s Fund for Scotland. This helped our Hygiene Project to provide sanitary towels, wipes and deodorant to women in Dundee who are homeless or in need of financial support.

Since that time, the Hygiene Project has distributed over 1000 hygiene packs across the city, with some women using the service on a monthly basis throughout the year. Each pack contains a packet of sanitary towels or tampons, wipes and a deodorant. Small items that can have a huge impact on the daily lives of women


This project could do more to help women and girls – the need is there. If you would like to help, you can donate through our just giving page