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Temporary Accommodation Outreach Service (TAOS)

This service is provided for Dundee City Council (DCC). TAOS staff work in some of DCC’s temporary accommodation to provide assessment and support to residents. This is a flexible service and locations can change but currently, workers engage with residents in the Lily Walker Centre (LWC) and Red Admiral Court (RAC). Both these locations offer slightly different services and consequently the service offered by TAOS staff also differs.


LWC is currently used as very short-term crisis accommodation. Consequently, workers carry out a short assessment which then advises the Homeless Services on appropriate move-on accommodation. The assessment is conducted within a few working days of the person moving into LWC, normally three days. Thereafter, if time and circumstances allow, workers will assist the person with very basic needs, e.g. benefits, health issues, food parcel. Sometimes residents stay longer than anticipated and in those circumstances workers will continue to try and engage with residents and assist them with other issues or needs but normally the person moves on within a few days after the assessment.