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Repeat Homeless Prevention Service

The Repeat Homeless Prevention Service was set up to help Dundee City Council to address a continuing problem with repeat homeless applications. The project was first started to work with those who were unable to sustain a tenancy and Positive Steps recognised that simply being allocated a house wasn't always a solution to this problem. Some service users need extra support to help them move forward and to develop the skills to sustain their tenancy. Because we stay with someone for as long as they need us, this project was originally known as the "Sticky Project". Positive Steps staff have that "never give up attitude" and will persist and "stick" with the service users, helping break the homeless cycle which many find themselves trapped in.


Someone who has a minimum of three previous historic homeless applications can be referred by their local authority, to this service. When someone is referred, a keyworker will be appointed to work with them and will proactively assist the service user to move into their new home. This will involve for e.g. helping them deal with any necessary paperwork and with any other issues that may arise. The keyworker will work with the service user, making referrals to appropriate organisations and working in partnership with external agencies.




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