The Repeat Homeless Prevention Service (AKA the Sticky Project) was set up to help Dundee City Council (DCC) address a continuing problem with repeat homeless applications. Why the ‘Sticky Project’ as it is affectionately referred to? Well, because once the service engages with someone they ‘stick’ with them and never give up. A bit like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, they always get their man (or woman as the case may be).

Only the Council can refer to the service and everyone referred will have a minimum of three previous homeless applications. The referral is usually made at the point when the service user is about to be offered accommodation. A key worker will be assigned to the person and they will proactively assist the service user to move into their new home. Helping them deal with all the paperwork and any issues that may arise, making referrals to appropriate agencies etc they will work with the service user to complete a holistic assessment with the aim of identifying any issues they may have as well as aspirations.