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Who Are Our Tenants?

Who Are Our Tenants?


Our tenants are people who require support to help them obtain and sustain a tenancy. They often have a history of tenancies which have failed and can also face difficulties such as mental health issues, learning difficulties, substance misuse, offending history etc.


Sometimes a person can have a range of issues which act as obstacles to sustaining a tenancy and Positive Steps can provide the support required to assist them in overcoming these difficulties. In some instances substantial support is required, perhaps involving other agencies, and Positive Steps will help the service user to access these different types of support and ensure that the right help is in place for them.


Our tenancies are only available to persons who will engage with our Housing Support Service. This engagement is crucial to enable them to reach a stage where they can live independently with a safe secure tenancy.  


The support received will include:-

  • money management
  • dealing with correspondence
  • maintaining a healthy food diet through shopping
  • advice on food hygiene and safe food storage
  • basic cooking skills
  • housekeeping skills
  • safe use of appliances and domestic equipment
  • encouragement for personal hygiene
  • support to attend appointments etc.


When supporting individuals, we seek to enhance their self-esteem and confidence while promoting good citizenship skills.


Our aim is to enable individuals to sustain a tenancy and provide them with the necessary skills to reach independence.


(For further information on Positive Steps Housing Support, please see a  Guide to Meeting Your Needs)