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About Our Support Services

Currently Positive Steps operates four support projects:

Housing Support 
Accommodation Service

Temporary Accommodation Outreach Service (TAOS) 
Repeat Homeless Prevention Service

In Dundee we provide specialist housing and housing support; typically working with people with challenging behaviour or who are difficult to engage. This includes people who struggle to cope in the community and/or those who find it hard to access mainstream services because of mental health issues, learning difficulties, history of offending, institutionalised living or drugs or alcohol misuse. In the course of providing our service we work closely with a number of professionals and agencies from health, housing and social work as well as the third sector.

The Housing Support Service works with between 80 and 120 service users at any one time. It is a generic service which can support people across the housing spectrum from social and privately rented accommodation to owner occupiers. Key workers develop individual support plans with service users to help them meet their needs and aspirations. These plans are regularly reviewed and amended in response to the service user’s changing circumstances.

Our Accommodation Service provides people with a poor housing history the opportunity to move on faster from temporary accommodation. We provide accommodation which has been decorated and furnished prior to moving and support to develop the necessary skills they need to establish themselves in their own tenancy.

We also offer assistance to people in temporary or crisis accommodation through our Temporary Accommodation Outreach Service (TAOS). The service ranges from a brief assessment of an individual’s situation along with assistance to deal with immediate need, e.g. benefits, health issues to a more holistic and in-depth assessment along with prolonged intervention depending on the location of the service user and the duration of their stay.

In addition, we have developed a specialist service to engage with people who have experienced repeat homelessness. The Repeat Homeless Prevention Service works with people who have experienced homelessness at least three times and engages when the service user has been offered their accommodation. Working intensively with the person during the move in period the service then adopts a case management approach to facilitate the service user receiving the support they need from more specialist agencies.