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Positive Pathways



Positive pathways support individuals who have been incarcerated, regardless of length of sentence, to be able to access services and accommodation in the same way as other people living in the community. People are supported to break the repeated process of incarceration and homelessness, to gain life skills and knowledge enabling them to live independently in their communities.


We provided support with:


  • Setting up Bank accounts 
  • Accessing appropriate benefits 
  • Registration with a GP
  • Obtaining identification
  • Crisis intervention
  • Securing a tenancy

-contact can be initiated whilst the individual is still in prison


Aim of Service:


The main aim of this service is to support Dundee City Council (DCC) in their task of meeting the Scottish Government’s National Strategy for Community Justice, The Scottish Quality Standards Housing Advice, Information and Support for People in and Leaving Prison, which was devised to address the needs of prisoners, and what would be expected as to attaining the National SHORE (Suitable Housing on Release for Everyone) standard. Positive Steps will encompass the PANEL (Participation, Accountability, Non- Discrimination and Equality, Empowerment and Legality) principles within the delivery of this service.

We provide a person-centred, holistic approach to ensure the optimum attainment of outcomes for all stakeholders.


Brian Currie

Team Leader

Positive Pathways