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Our Impact





Our impact in numbers:

A total of 99 individuals came to the attention of the project between August 2019 and June 2020.


Referrals came from the following sources:

Multi-agency non-fatal overdose meeting, hostels, community centres, peer referrals, Homeless outreach nurses, Lochee hub, Hospital liaison team, Positive Steps Housing Support.

25 individuals were identified through outreach to street begging sites.

Of the 99 individuals, we successfully made contact with 64. 18 individuals had contact on two or more occasions.

The graph below shows the number of individuals receiving specific outreach interventions


Feedback (One Year Pilot)

"I think if I hadn’t met Tracy I’d be dead now. Actually, I ken I would.”

Service User

“People have nobody-you guys are the bit between making it and not making it.”

Service User

“Positive Steps have been intrinsic to helping Dundee develop a response to the crisis of drug related harm and deaths in Dundee…I personally wish to thank them, they have helped a city to change and have given a significant number of vulnerable people the chance to survive.”

Police Representative

“The learning you have gained, particularly around partnership working, data sharing and the importance of assertive outreach has been of national significance. It is inspiring to see how this project has been a catalyst for change.”

Corra Representative

“Prior to the development of this test of change there had been no real time preventative response to someone experiencing a non-fatal overdose in Dundee.”

Figure 8 External Evaluation

“This is a small scale, time limited initiative, but is exactly the type of response where current resources need to be expanded.”

Dundee Drug Comession Report

“Responsive, enthusiastic, good knowledge base”

Partner Agency

“Works closely with other agencies and knows them well which makes getting help easier.”

Partner Agency