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Established in 1989, Positive Steps has grown to become a major agency dedicated to promoting the health, wellbeing and social lifestyles of vulnerable adults irrespective of gender, ethnicity, culture, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. As a not-for-profit Christian charity based in Scotland, Positive Steps has enabled vulnerable adults locally and internationally to overcome various barriers to sustain their independence through provision of key services: Housing Support, Accommodation Service, Flexi Care, T.A.O.S (Temporary Accommodation Outreach Service) and R.H.P.S (Repeat Homeless Prevention Service) services. Therefore, we have developed services and programmes to support and enable an individual to make an informed choice.


We work with individuals who have a wide range of potential barriers to sustain independent living and are impacted by mental health, learning disabilities, substance misuse, offending behaviour, homelessness and poverty. Sometimes the individuals we work with have to deal with more than one barrier in their lives and we can provide the support, care, accommodation and practical assistance required for people to overcome such barriers to enable vulnerable adults to reach their full potential.


This is where you funding really does provide solutions, learning more about our work and help us to support others. Providing Real People with Real Solutions

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  • April’s Blog 2018 I live near a village. It is a fine place with an active community seemingly always looking for ways to improve their village and the lives of the people who live there. There is a charity shop in the main street which......

  • Our Hygiene Project is looking for donations to help us cover Christmas time which can be especially difficult for those on low income. See our flyer for more details:...

  • Our social enterprise (Positive Steps Initiatives) has got their new project Hygiene Project up and running. We are providing hygiene products such as sanitary towels, wipes and deodorant to homeless women in Dundee. We have had funding and donations from Scotmid, Asda and Dundee Foodbank to allow this......

What Our Service Users Say

Growth Mindset

Our Resettlement Service and Housing Support team participated in the Growth Mindset Program with their service users over a five week period. This was in partnership with Leisure & Culture Dundee and the Ancrum Centre.


The purpose of participating in this program was to show our service users that there are activities out in the community available on their doorstep. But to also show that they can take the steps to attend these activities within their local community.