Oor Wullie Bucket Trail

Our Housing Support Team arranged with the Service users to go on the hunt for as many Oor Wullie’s. The service users had a great day out and enjoyed getting their photo taking with the Oor Wullie Statuse’s.

Tai Chi class at STEP

The STEP Program was delighted to have Robert Bichan from Tai Chi Dundee come and give a Tai Chi taster session at one of our STEP groups. Tai Chi is a sequence of dynamic movements that combine soft and hard, with fast and slow actions, in a balanced and natural way that adheres to the philosophical Taoist principles of yin and yang from the “yijing” (Book of Changes). Contained within its framework are spiralling, twisting, and unique silk reeling energy movements, jumps, leaps and explosive energy releases.

During practice the body remains relaxed with the practitioners consciousness, breathing and actions all closely connected. These unique features enhance benefits to health, fitness, and weight-loss and are just a few of the reasons why so many people, regardless of age and level of fitness, regularly practice Tai Chi throughout the world today.

To contact Tai Chi Dundee you can Telephone 07776 043 321, email info@taichidundee.com, visit them at their website http://taichidundee.com/ or check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TaiChiInDundee/. As you can see our participants loved trying out Tai Chi.

Thanks again Robert!
thai 2 thai 1

Get It Sorted

Get It Sorted PosterThe STEP Program was delighted to have the Dundee Community Safety Partnership come to one of the STEP groups and give a talk to the participants about safety within the home. Working in partnership with the Police, the Dundee Community Safety Wardens can deal quickly and efficiently with such issues as antisocial behavior, loud noise or music, drugs activity, alcohol related issues, graffiti and vandalism as well as bogus and cold callers. They do a great job in keeping our communities safe and we were delighted that they took time out from their hard work to tell us more about what they do in the local community.