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Crisis Response Outreach Service




Crisis Response Outreach Service (CROS) supports individuals experiencing high-level, immediate crisis in one or several areas.  For example, mental health, medication suspension, domestic abuse, benefit sanctions, homelessness.


Individuals referred to CROS will receive specifically tailored support from our team of specialised outreach workers.  CROS promote autonomy and assist individuals to make informed choices.  Using our ‘Needs Assessment’ tools, CROS will work with the individuals to identify their support requirements.  This allows staff and individuals to create realistic, small achievable goals and work at the individuals’ pace.  CROS will support individuals to engage with relevant services and will continue to work with them until they feel ready to engage with the other service(s) independently.


Our team of specialised outreach workers respond to referrals and make contact with the individual, within a 72-hour period.  Time spent with individuals will be used to gain trust, cultivate relationships, and identify their needs.


CROS also work collaboratively with our Non-Fatal Overdose service, providing support and harm reduction advice to individuals who have experienced a recent non-fatal overdose.


Sam Garty 

Team Leader  

Crisis Response Outreach Service