This is a really symbolic moment for Prabhat Tara Santha as the first of our older girls moves on from the House of Hope. Shubhangi is a credit to the hard work of Rev Timothy and the team at the House of Hope. She is a tremendously hard working student and was the Dux of the local school. She is speaking English very well and will no doubt do well at the nursing school.

All the women from the red light area, children of Home of Hope and the staff of Prabhat Tara Santha and Shubhangi Naik wants to give hearty thanks to God as well as Mr. Derek Sharkey Chief Executive Officer Positive Steps in Scotland. For encouraging and providing resources to pay first Year College Nursing fees of Shubhangi.

Shubhangi want to say thanks to God as well as Positive Steps. Because when her mother died of HIV/AIDS. Positive Steps took care of her by providing food, clothing’s, shelter and education. She has accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior.

In September 2012, Pastor Michael Rollo accompanied Derek Sharkey (chief executive of Positive Steps) to the Sangli and Miraj area of the country, a nine-hour train journey south from Mumbai. The two men met with Positive Steps contact the Rev. Timothy Jalam who operates nursery schools for the children of sex workers and HIV victims, adult literacy classes, an orphanage for the children of HIV victims, and a training programme to give sex workers help to find alternative means of supporting themselves and their families.