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About Positive Steps Initiatives



PSI dedicated teams of experienced specialists bring to its clients, a wide range of services under its Social Enterprise Divison. PSI  has been created on a robust heritage and brings its outstanding knowledge of public, private and third sector landscapes to the forefront.

PSI offer its clients a unique range of services, Private Rental  Supported Accommodation, Enhance Education and  Research, SROI, Consultancy Services that deliver on social impact whilst creating sustainable streams of surplus. These surpluses will further develop the work undertaken by the Charity  Positive Steps so that they can continue to serve Real People with Real Solutions.


PSI social enterprise is founded on a belief that “Knowledge is rooted in the participants”. Therefore, it facilitates co-productive methods of working to ensure its clients and participants are at the heart of every project we engage with. As a result of this, sustainable services are created and become less reliant on funding and more secure supported by income streams.




Facilitation, Action, Co-productive, Tangible learning PSI deliver every time


Our aim is simple – the PSI team bring their expertise and outstanding knowledge to its clients and provide a clear informed understanding of various  Social, Health and Wellbeing landscapes. In terms of this, we create Social Businesses aimed at overcoming inequalities and produce opportunities and sustainability as a priority when delivering new services. 


For example, our dedicated research teams utilise over twenty years experience which is embedded in our organisation. PSI has a longitudinal vision which is to bridge the gap between academia, public, private and third sector organisations. PSI area of expertise extends over multiple social sectors. Therefore, we provide our clients with evidence-based impeccable research and evaluation on a wide range of topics. Our client base is inclusive of N.H.S. Boards, Local Authorities, Third Sector Organisations, Scottish Government Bodies and Private Companies sited within multiple frameworks such as:


Homelessness Networks, Social Housing, Supported Accommodation, Substance Misuse, Recidivism, Offending Behaviour, Behavioural Change, Mental Health,  Low education attainment all factors that impact various marginalised populations.


The PSI research team encompass an extensive range of backgrounds and knowledge. Therefore, we believe ” the source of change can be found in the knowledge and experience of the individual and communities, impacted by socioeconomic barriers”. Through the use of triangular perspectives and various methodologies, we aim to provide evidence-based action and applied research platforms to facilitate and inform change. In addition, we research and evaluate projects with outstanding theoretical and empirical knowledge coupled with Social Return On Investment impact measurement insight. Therefore, PSI teams provide a valid, credible, reliable and ethical service.