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Other Services

Maintenance Service


If you are in need of any household or office refurbishment or a small handyman task that needs completed at a reasonable price, we can help.


Our maintenance team has years of experience in household and office refurbishment and complete all our organisation’s requirements in-house.


These services can include:

  • Factoring services for landlord groups and co-ops.
  • Seasonal maintenance of gardens
  • Close repair and cleaning
  • PAT Testing
  • Property refurbishments
  • Start or end of lease cleaning of properties


For more information, please see our leaflet.



Vacant Property Service


This Service works with Landlords to refurbish vacant properties within the community.


Many properties are vacant due to the financial constraints as to their refurbishment. Landlords are faced with a refurbishment cost that is unattainable and cannot rent the property due to the need of refurbishment.


We have a solution. We provide refurbishment up to the value of £3000  and in return we use the property for our Supported Accommodation Service without rental charges until refurbishment has been recouped.


This can be cost effective for Landlords as they are no longer faced with costs of an empty property as well as a unused asset.