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Good News Stories


GC has come on leaps and bounds since the start of his support. I no longer have long periods where I am trying to motivate him to doing simple task such as going to the shops for shopping or cleaning his flat and decorating his flat. G is now at the point where he feels it’s time to challenge his drink dependency and is in the process of starting a home detox. G feels if Positive Steps wasn’t supporting him, he would be back at the homeless units. He sees the benefits from the support and how it’s improved on his ability to stay in his flat.



ST has struggled to motivate her daughter to attend school since she moved house and her daughter started a new school in Oct 2012. However, with a lot of support to communicate and attend meetings with the school her daughter has been attending a revised timetable since October 2013 until now. Also this lady has just finished paying her council tax for a whole year which she has never paid this before.



EA came to us requiring support with attending appointments due to his personality disorder, he struggled with mail in terms of not opening anything after finding out he had contracted HIV, therefore not paying attention to important issues, he stopped eating and going out also as a result and required a lot of support initially to overcome the barriers he had put up. Through a lot of one-to-one support and gradually building his confidence by taking each aspect of his life in very short steps, he began to realise he could cope with the outside world and worked well with myself until he reached the point where he was dealing with all correspondence, was going shopping alone, and had even managed to build a productive social life.