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Education Services

We are the Education department of the health promotions charity Positive Steps.


We believe that everyone has an equal need for, and right to, the knowledge and skills that enable them to make informed lifestyle decisions.


All our work is rooted in the desire to compassionately and sensitively apply the highest professional standard of community and formal education that serves the needs of the individual and the local community.


We Aim To:


  • Create opportunities for people to make informed choices leading to good health & social welfare
  • Provide Services for people to learn, be trained, and deliver effective health & social welfare education
  • Be Scotland’s ‘first choice’ health & social welfare Education, Training, Resource, and Opportunity provider




  • Professional Excellence (Trained, knowledgeable, experienced & professional staff)
  • Excellent health & social welfare education services (Programmes & resources, online resource, quality control)
  • Community partnership


 Annual Report 2011/12