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Chance to Thrive



The Chance to Thrive Project supports individuals who have complex needs and are homeless or under threat of homelessness.


Individuals are offered dispersed, furnished accommodation or will be a supported alternative to a hostel or homeless environment. We offer a homely environment for individuals to develop the skills required to manage a tenancy, with a person-centred approach, drawing on the expertise of services to help individuals address a variety of issues or barriers such as mental illness, trauma, substance use, complex needs, offending behaviour, and unemployment. 


Support will follow the “sticky” model, this enables us to be both reactive and preventative, driven by the needs of the individual and is flexible to ensure support is available when required. Support is based on a 1-to-1 basis initially intense (daily) but fluctuates as the individual reaches independence (monthly).


Once individuals have reached a level of independence and moved on to appropriate permanent accommodation, support will continue for at least 3 months, or until the individual is engaged in mainstream services. A model of floating support will then take effect, in which the individual can reengage during of episodes instability.


Leah Clark

Project worker

Chance to Thrive