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Local Councillor’s visiting Positive Steps

Local Councillor’s visiting Positive Steps

reCouncillor Kevin Cordell, Councillor Vari McDonald and Councillor John Alexander visited Positive Steps – an organisation which operates a number of projects related to homelessness and tackling the root causes.

In our roles within the Neighbourhood Services department, we link in with a variety of organisations providing services to Dundonians. This visit was specifically to discuss the Prisoner Resettlement Pilot which has been operating for the last 18 months with the aim of preventing the re-offending cycle.

It was great to hear of the progress that a number of individuals have had, not only in terms of no longer re-offending but also in maintaining their own tenancy.

We are keen to support this type of initiative and I look forward to reading the final Scottish Government assessment document which will detail the successes and failures of the project and how this type of project can proceed.