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Positive Steps is a Scottish non-profit Christian charity founded in 1989 that advocates for vulnerable adults'

well-being, empowerment, and social inclusion globally. We offer services that include Housing Support, Crisis Response, and Bereavement Support to address challenges such as mental health issues, homelessness, and substance usage. Your support helps us provide practical assistance to individuals in need.

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About Us

Established in 1989, Positive Steps has become a significant ​agency dedicated to promoting vulnerable adults' health, ​well-being, and social lifestyles regardless of gender, ​ethnicity, culture, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.

Positive Steps, a not-for-profit Christian charity based in ​Scotland, is a beacon of hope for vulnerable adults locally ​and internationally. Our comprehensive range of services, ​including Housing Support, Accommodation Service, Crisis ​Response Outreach Service (CROS), Non-Fatal Overdose ​Service (NFOD), Bereavement Support, Cuckooing, Custody ​Assess Referral Service (CARS), Positive Pathways, ​Supported Accommodation and Chance to thrive, are ​tailored to help individuals overcome various barriers and ​sustain their independence.

Therefore, we have developed services and programmes to ​support and enable individuals to make informed choices.

Positive Steps works with individuals with a wide range of potential barriers to sustaining independent living. Individuals are often impacted by mental health, learning disabilities, substance usage, offending behaviour, homelessness and poverty.

Sometimes, the individuals we work with have to deal with more than one barrier in their lives, and we can provide the support, care, accommodation and practical assistance required to enable vulnerable adults to reach their full potential.

Your funding is not just a donation, it's a lifeline for vulnerable adults. By learning more about our work, you can help us extend our support to even more individuals in need, making a tangible difference in their lives.

Providing Real People with Real Solutions.

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Outreach & Support Services

Currently, Positive Steps operates the following ​outreach and support projects and services:

If you think you or someone else could benefit from our ​services, please get in touch with us, and we can discuss ​it. If the individual is not appropriate for our service, we ​are happy to direct you to other services or ​organisations that may be able to help.

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Housing Support

Positive Steps Housing Support Service is a registered Care ​Inspectorate Service that offers support to local adults regardless ​of their housing status. Renowned for our high-quality assistance, ​we have a track record of aiding some of the most marginalised ​and hard-to-reach community members.

This service is the organisation's foundation and sets the stage for ​future initiatives. Its' approach is comprehensive and personalised, ​focusing on achieving specific person-centred goals. Recipients ​actively participate in planning and receiving support, with their ​choices guiding the process.

Beyond aiding in tenancy management skills, the service provides ​support in various critical areas. Individuals' progress is assessed ​using a robust review process that includes a specialised online ​tool. This process offers personalised feedback to service users, ​staff, management, and other stakeholders.

For more information, please contact:

Housing Support Team

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Positive Pathways

Positive Pathways helps individuals leaving incarceration ​access services and housing to break the cycle of ​homelessness and imprisonment. Services include setting up ​bank accounts, accessing benefits, and securing housing.

The aim is to support Dundee City Council in meeting ​national strategies and standards with a person-centred ​approach. Contact can start while the individual is still in ​prison.

For more information, please contact:

The Positive Pathways Team

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Crisis Response

Outreach Service

The Crisis Response Outreach Service (CROS) is an assertive ​support service that provides tailored assistance to individuals ​who are facing crises such as mental health issues, ​homelessness, or domestic abuse in Dundee and Perth.

The CROS team is dedicated to collaborating with service users ​to establish practical goals and connecting them with expert ​agencies that can help achieve those goals.

CROS is committed to responding within 72 hours and working ​collaboratively with partnership services. It accepts referrals ​from various sources.

If you need urgent assistance, contact the team via phone, ​email, or online.

For more information, please contact:

The Crisis Response Outreach Service

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Non Fatal Overdose Pathway

Dundee has faced a drug crisis with a high number of drug-​related deaths in recent years. Positive Steps' NFOD project ​aims to reduce harm by providing tailored support to ​individuals at risk of overdose.

Through outreach and referrals, the project has positively ​impacted by offering harm reduction advice, access to expert ​services, and support. Positive feedback from service users ​and partners highlights the project's effectiveness in ​addressing drug-related harm in Dundee.

For more information, please contact:

The Crisis Response Outreach Service

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Bereavement Support

We are working collaboratively with expert agencies and ​other partners to provide prompt assistance to families and ​friends coping with drug-related deaths. The goal is to ​support entire family units, address the stigma surrounding ​substance use, and ensure individuals and families ​experience positive outcomes.

This service offers:

  • Continuous, personalised 1:1 support sessions.
  • Support groups for bereavement.
  • Designated third-sector contact person for family ​members.
  • Assistance with funeral arrangements and financial ​guidance.
  • Training on harm reduction and Naloxone.

For more information, please contact:

Bereavement Support Team

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Outreach Service

We provide tailored support to victims of county lines, ​cuckooing, and other form of exploitation, working closely wi​th Police Scotland and other expert partners to safeguard vu​lnerable individuals. This service is tailored to meet the sp​ecific needs of vulnerable individuals affected by

ge​nder-based violence and exploitation.

We welco​m​e referrals from individuals and agencies and can be co​ntacted by phone, email, or online.

For safe​t​y concerns, Call 101 if there is no immediate danger, a​nd call 999 if there is immediate danger, risk of harm, or ​threat to life.

For more​ ​information, please contact:

Cuckooin​g​ & County Lines Team

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Custody Assess ​Referral Service

The Custody Assess Referral Service (CARS) helps Dundee ​residents who are arrested and taken into custody. This ​service is provided by Positive Steps in partnership with ​Dundee City Council Community Justice Services and ​Police Scotland.

Support includes;

  • Individual assessment based on needs.
  • Referral to additional services (such as food banks, ​mental health support, housing).
  • Guidance to community agencies.

For more information, please contact:

Custody Assess Referral Service

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Chance to Thrive

The Chance to Thrive Project supports the complex needs ​of homeless individuals by providing furnished ​accommodation and support tailored to their needs. The ​service addresses issues like mental illness and substance ​use, and support follows a "sticky" model, offering reactive ​and preventative assistance on a 1-to-1 basis, adjusting as ​independence grows. Continued support is provided for at ​least three months after transitioning to permanent ​housing, with floating support available during episodes of ​instability.

For more information, please contact:

Chance to Thrive Team

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Service User Involvement Group

The Service User Involvement Group is a collaborative ​platform valuing service users' voices to shape services.

It aims to create a supportive environment for shared ​insights, decision-making, and service improvement ​through inclusive practices. Participation leads to positive ​changes and an empowering, inclusive future for the ​community.

For more information, please contact:

Service User Involvement Team

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Duty of Candour

In Scotland, the Duty of Candour mandates that health and ​social care organisations be open and transparent about ​unintended incidents that cause harm.

It requires informing affected individuals, apologising, and ​involving them in reviews to prevent future occurrences.

This duty promotes learning and continuous improvement ​and prioritises people in care services. Organisations like ​Positive Steps in Scotland must provide an annual report on ​implementing the Duty of Candour.

For more information, please contact:

Michelle Ritchie

Service Manager

International Development

Positive Steps has supported historic projects in Brazil, Malawi, and Kenya and supports individuals in India. These projects involved funding community initiatives like supporting pastors in Brazil, building a dining hall in a school in Brazil, constructing a Community Centre in Malawi, funding an agricultural project in Kenya and currently, we provide outreach to commercial sex workers in the Sangli region in India to provide the skills and education to help them escape exploitation and seek alternative means of support including a woman's refuge/safe house. In addition, we support the House of Hope, which is a home and hospice for the children of those workers who have died from HIV.

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About Supported Accommodation

Positive Steps supports tenants facing challenges like mental health issues, substance usage, or offending history. Assistance includes money management, cooking skills, and more to promote independence and good citizenship skills. Tenancies are available to those engaging with our support services to empower individuals to live independently.

Positive Steps Initiatives (PSI)

Positive Steps Initiatives (P.S.I.) is the social enterprise trading arm of the Positive Steps Partnership.

The P.S.I. team offers expertise in the Social, Health, and Wellbeing sectors, creating Social Businesses to address inequalities and promote sustainability. With over 20 years of experience, we bridge academia, public, private, and third-sector organisations, providing evidence-based research and evaluation.

Our client base includes N.H.S. Boards, Local Authorities, and more, focusing on areas like Homelessness, Mental Health, and Education. By leveraging diverse backgrounds and knowledge, we aim to drive change through informed action and research, emphasising ethical and reliable service delivery and promoting a new approach to social responsibility.

If you are interested in finding out more information about PSI, do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment to discuss your particular requirements.

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Who Are Our Tenants?

Positive Steps assists tenants with challenges like mental health issues, substance usage, and learning difficulties.

They support maintaining tenancies, including money management, cooking skills, and personal hygiene.

Tenants must engage with our support services to access accommodation.

Positive Steps aims to boost self-esteem, promote independence, and develop essential skills for tenants.

How Do I Apply For Support

To apply for Housing Support and Accommodation, start ​with an application for Positive Steps Housing Support and ​accommodation.

Applications can be obtained online or by contacting the ​office. Complete the application thoroughly for efficient ​processing.

External agencies and self-referrals are welcome as long as ​support is needed. Completing the form with all relevant ​details helps in efficient processing and prevents delays.

For more information, please contact:

Accommodation Team

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Agency Services

Navigating complex accounting and reporting rules for charities and not-for-profit organisations is made easier with professional guidance, saving time and resources. Outsourcing such tasks can reduce the administrative burden, ensure accurate accounts and returns, and allow organisations to focus on growth.

Collaborative Working

At PSI, collaborative partnerships with Higher Education Institutions like the University of Abertay Dundee are crucial to our social enterprise. PSI offer research, evaluation, and evidence-based learning to provide real solutions for a healthier and wealthier Scotland.

Social Research & Evaluation

The P.S.I. social research division collaborates with the University of Abertay Dundee, offering services to N.H.S. boards, local authorities, third sector, and private organisations. Their expertise aims to provide evidence-based action research for improved social outcomes benefiting society.

Referral &


We adopt a person-centred approach to assess needs on an individual basis. We welcome referrals from both individuals and organisations. The only prerequisite is providing comprehensive information to enable our team to determine your support application effectively. Each of our projects has distinct referral procedures and funding criteria. Please choose the project or service that best suits your needs.

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CROS Dundee

Online Referral Form

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COS Dundee

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CROS Perth

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Housing Support

Referral Form

Reports & Publications

The Reports and Publications page shares the team's journey, achievements, and insights, focusing on transparency and information sharing. It includes annual reports, research publications, white papers, and case studies showcasing accomplishments, methodologies, and real-world applications. Visitors are encouraged to explore the resources, gain insights, and provide feedback.

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