Hygiene Project

Our Hygiene Project is looking for donations to help us cover Christmas time which can be especially difficult for those on low income. See our flyer for more details:

Hygiene Project Christmas Leaflet

Hygiene for the Homeless

Hygiene for the Homeless logo

Our social enterprise (Positive Steps Initiatives) has got their new project Hygiene for the Homeless up and running. We are providing hygiene products such as sanitary towels, wipes and deodorant to homeless women in Dundee.

We have had funding and donations from Scotmid, Asda and Dundee Foodbank to allow this to be possible.

For more information, see our page: https://psiscotland.org.uk/hygiene-for-the-homeless/

Or, read the article from our local paper here: https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/dundee-charity-hand-care-packs-women-amid-period-poverty-crisis/

Our new and improved brochure!!!!

PSFrom feedback from our service users and staff, we have created a new brochure with information on all our services. I hope that this booklet illustrates Positive Steps’ innovative approach. Click here to view our brochure.

Growth Mindset

Our Resettlement Service and Housing Support team participated in the Growth Mindset Program with their service users. This was in partnership with Leisure & Culture Dundee and the Ancrum Centre. The program ran over a five week period with one activity each week.

The purpose of participating in this program was to show our service users that there are activities out in the community available on their doorstep. But to also show that they can take the steps to attend these activities within their local community.

The Growth Mindset program helped our service users to realise that they have the potential and the ability to take part. To reflect on how their fixed mindset has set them back stopping them from exploring these activities. Our service user really enjoyed taken part and has allowed them to come together as a group looking to see what else they achieve as a group.

A massive thank you to Jamie McBrearty who help set this up.

Here is some footage of what turned out to be a great experience for both staff and the service users.