legalRecent law changes mean you could face up to a seven year prison sentence for giving or selling these
drugs. With any drugs you never know what you are getting and they can be incredibly harmful.

The UK Government has confirmed that the Psychoactive Substances Act will come into effect on Thursday 26 May 2016, and will ban new psychoactive substances (NPS), often referred to as ‘legal highs’.

For more information about this. Go to “Get the facts at Know the Score” website.

Excellence in Care

The Care Inspectorate is changing the way it inspect. Some changes come into effect 1st April 2016, some from 1st July 2016.

The proposed changes have been informed by a widespread consultation with a broad range of partners and stakeholders, including providers and service users, and also take consideration of a number of wider issues, including the development of Scotland’s new National Care Standards.

This is a short animation on the new inspection process.

Once Homeless Now Supporting Homelessness

20160322_113630Alan who was once supported by our Temporary Accommodation Outreach Service at the ‪#‎LilywalkerCentre‬ Is now supporting ‪#‎Homelessness‬. He has started to hand in big pots of homemade soup that he makes every Tuesday and hands it into the Lilywalker Centre.

He stated that once you have experienced being homeless only then you can understand how difficult it can be. During my time being homeless the support was great both from the council and positive steps. Because of this I want to make a contribution to help those in need at a time when people need it the most.

Alan has permission from the council to have a pitch in Broughty Ferry outside Tesco where he has been collecting donations that allows him to keep making soup.